Software Consulting Services

The UniqueSoft management team has accumulated enormous experience in all aspects of software development over the past 20 years, including around the adoption of automated modernization tools and techniques.

The UniqueSoft process expertise includes:

  • Metric Analysis
  • Requirements capture and verification
  • Process Definition and Audits
  • Supplier quality management
  • Quality and testing
  • CMMI and Agile methods

Many organizations have failed in their adoption of automation because they force fit automated methods on processes that were not compatible. Others failed because they did inadequate training or let tools usage be optional. Still others assembled a set of incompatible tools and failed to make them work together.

Four step process

We believe every client engagement is unique. Our engagement scope is designed to address the needs and concerns of the client. However, there are usually common elements that are shared in many of our engagements. In order to understand the unique needs of each client, we utilize a four step process outlined below.

Step one - Assessment

There are two aspects of the assessment. One is an interview process with the key stakeholders to identify the issues that need to be addressed and the key metrics that need to be changed. The second is an audit of the current process. Sometimes there is a disconnect between the process that the company thinks it is following and what is actually done in practice. The real "as is" process is documented as part of the initial assessment.

Step two - Define the "to be" process

Work with the client team to define how they want software to be developed in their company, and document this process. Does the client prefer a rigorous, requirements-driven process that optimizes quality or is it more important to respond quickly to fluid market requirements? The gaps between the “as is” and the “to be” process are identified, and measures to close the gap documented. Appropriate training and tools to support the "to be" process can be identified and recommended, if desired.

Step three - Demonstrate a pilot of the "to be" process

With support from UniqueSoft, a trial run of how the system is to work in the future can be conducted, the results assessed and the process fine tuned. This also has the benefit of getting immediate and demonstrable results to all stakeholders involved to further reinforce adoption.

Step four - Change management

To roll out a process change across dozens of teams and potentially thousands of developers will require a coordinated role out, a training schedule, and a full change management process. UniqueSoft will work with the client to manage the transition from the old process to the new process with continuous monitoring of key metrics to allow intervention where and when needed to keep adoption on course.