Software Maintenance & Support

UniqueSoft Maintenance & Support

Based on the extensive experience of our Executive Team in long-lived telecommunications software products, the UniqueSoft process and tools were designed to provide superior and more cost-effective methods for maintaining and enhancing software after its release.

One Year Warranty: Providing high quality, defect-free software is our goal, and we achieve defect rates that are 10-50x lower than traditional software development techniques. To this goal, UniqueSoft offers a one year warranty on its software: any defect found during that time is repaired free of charge. For support beyond the first year, Uniquesoft also offers inexpensive extended maintenance plans.

Anytime Handoff: After one year – or at any time before then – UniqueSoft can hand off maintenance to a client. The client has three options to maintain the code themselves:

  • By hand, using the set of superior, highly visual documentation to assist them;
  • By exporting the UniqueSoft models to a format readable by other commercial tools;
  • By licensing part or all of the UniqueSoft tool suite

Easy Addition of New Features: The use of modeling, feature-driven development and autocode generation technology makes the addition of new features fast and inexpensive. As demonstrated in an embedded case study (please see Industries to download), UniqueSoft added features and changes which required modifying over 20% of the code base in a 34,000 lines of code product in one week.

Continuing Synchronization of Documentation and Source Code: A common problem with traditional hand-coded software is the increasing difficulty in maintaining it after it has been released. Poorly documented patches and additions to the code accumulate, resulting in out-of-date documentation which no longer accurately reflects the product code base. The result: cost of maintenance rises, and new features become increasingly difficult and expensive to add.

UniqueSoft uses a methodology which generates code from models, which are themselves derived from the higher level architecture and design, ensuring that there is continued synchronization between the supporting documentation and the existing code base. As new features are added, these modified designs and models are then used to generate new, fresh code which ensures that UniqueSoft code does not evolve into poorly understood ‘legacy software’.

Easy Porting to New Platforms, Languages: UniqueSoft develops its software in a platform-independent manner, with automatic targeting to platforms and languages handled by the code generation technology. As languages and platforms become obsolete, porting existing UniqueSoft software to a new language or platform is as easy as re-running the code generator with the new targeting information.

Maintenance and Support