Software Modernization Tools

UniqueSoft software modernization tools are highly adaptable and provide high quality, custom solutions in a cost-effective manner. The tools can be used in a variety of legacy reengineering projects, such as:

Transforming COBOL (or other languages) to maintainable code in a modern language.
Extracting business rules from legacy code (for documentation or for modernizing to a new system).
Migrating a system to a new technology platform (cloud, JEE, Hadoop, Solaris to Linux, etc.).
Reducing system footprints and maintenance costs by eliminating code clones and dead code.
Producing test suites for the legacy software.

UniqueSoft's D*Code™ Software Modernization Tool Suite

D*Code™ provides several features useful for modernization:
Highly automated process.
Robust language translator.
Business rule extraction with the ability to fully modernize extracted rules and align them with business processes.
Metrics to inform modernization decisions.
Highly customizable code generator that can fit specific target systems.

D*Code™ allows you to see your legacy software from multiple aspects: features, metrics, dependencies, data flows, and more.

Clustering Analysis:
Group unstructured set of related applications

Clustering Analysis:
Convenient natural grouping of programs

Mapping Analysis:
Conveniently map programs to databases
and drill down into relationships

Feature Mapping:
Conveniently show selected group features