About UniqueSoft

UniqueSoft provides next generation legacy modernization tools and associated services for companies and systems integrators (SIs) needing exceptionally high quality code when modernizing complex, business-critical legacy software assets. With a proven thousand-fold reduction in code defects compared to manual methods, UniqueSoft's D*Code tool platform automates 90 percent of modernization tasks, enabling companies in telecom, financial services, public sector, and other industries to undertake their large legacy modernization projects with lower risks and higher confidence.

UniqueSoft was founded by software development experts from Motorola who specialize in the automation of software development. Continuing to build on their previous groundbreaking technologies, these experts in recent years have turned to the world of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to create the powerful, rules-based engine that serves as the core of the D*Code tool platform. The innovations provided by Big Data and AI allow flexible customization to suit ever-changing customer needs while at the same time improving code quality and allowing easy integration of new code into a target environment. For situations involving complex legacy applications with large amounts of technical debt, minimal subject matter resources, and a lack of test cases, UniqueSoft and D*Code are the solution you have been waiting for.

UniqueSoft, LLC is a privately-held company headquartered in Palatine, IL, just outside of Chicago.