About UniqueSoft

UniqueSoft is a provider of next generation software development services that offer our clients superior quality, faster cycle times and lower costs.

UniqueSoft specializes in modernizing legacy software, using highly automated tools and techniques in collaboration with our clients to achieve outstanding results. Our services are designed for today's agile environments, with their short development cycles and the ability to both rapidly modernize software while adding new features in a highly cost-effective way.

UniqueSoft was founded by internationally recognized software innovators who revolutionized the industry 20 years ago by showing that outsourced software could be both low cost and high quality. In 1991, Terry Heng, UniqueSoft's president, founded the Global Software Group (GSG) to advance the state of the art in software development at Motorola. Starting with the establishment of its first software center in Bangalore, India, GSG grew to over 7500 software engineers in 19 software centers in 14 countries around the world. At its height, it represented 60% of the software engineers at Motorola.

From its founding GSG had a strong commitment to process and quality, becoming the first group within Motorola to implement CMM/ CMMI compliant processes across all of the 19 software centers. Motorola became one of a handful of initial corporations to achieve CMMI Level 5 certification in the early 90’s; eventually over 95% of the 7500 engineering staff operated at Level 5.

By the end of the 90’s it was clear that process formalization, low cost centers, and commercially available tools had reached a plateau in productivity improvement. GSG began an advanced research and development effort in the area of software development automation led by Thomas Weigert.

The resulting tools, along with most of the original research and development staff, were acquired by UniqueSoft in 2008. UniqueSoft continues to improve and enhance these earlier efforts to achieve even higher productivity levels and to extend the applicability of its tools to new industries, software languages, and domains.

UniqueSoft is composed of both Commercial and Government divisions. Company headquarters are located in Palatine, IL, just outside of Chicago.

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