UniqueSoft offers more than legacy modernization: we have extensive experience delivering new applications on-time and under budget to our clients. UniqueSoft specializes in large, complex, long-lived embedded software products where modeling and code generation technologies offer substantial quality, time and cost advantages over traditional hand coding techniques.

UniqueSoft has delivered tens of millions of lines of code to a variety of industries, and its domain expertise ranges from telecom to transportation to information systems. UniqueSoft is confident it can offer a solution to fit your needs.

Automated Code Generation Services

In addition to software development, UniqueSoft has several specialty service offerings which were developed during its time as an internal development group for Motorola. Our software development services are optimized for large and complex projects. Our experience extends from new projects with only marketing-level requirements, to adding new features to decades-old legacy software.

Our domain expertise in the areas of embedded software for telecommunications, networking and public safety systems is a particular strength, but since our founding UniqueSoft has added substantial expertise in information systems software, in particular middleware and business logic.