Client can define what a rule is for that specific application
Allows subject matter experts to review near-English tables or pseudo code to determine rule correctness
Flexible transformation options for the extracted rules – you can rewrite the code by hand, transform the pseudo code to a new language, or create
input to a commercial rules engine
Enables you to create better documentation

D*Code™ - Legacy Rules Extraction

In general, extracting rules involves capturing and organizing the behavior of the system that relates to business concerns, not how those concerns are implemented (that is, not platform interfaces, logging, GUI interaction, etc.).

The client defines which of this behavior is a business rule. With this definition, the D*CODE Extract tool will capture all the code that conforms to that definition. These rules can then be refactored, validated and documented. Optionally, one may also want to improve the extracted rules, e.g., merge redundant rules, and target the rules to a specific rules engine such as FICO Blaze or DROOLS.

Extraction Deliverables Include:

Business rules that are provided in a variety of formats:

  • Pseudo code
  • Near English tabular form
  • XML input to Rules Engine
  • New target language

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