Create test cases either directly from legacy code, extracted rules or requirements documents
Substantial reduction in effort to create test cases
Validate that the new system is functionally equivalent to the legacy system before going into production

D*Code™ - Automated Test Case Generation

Testing is the process of verifying that the modernized system has the same behavior as the original system. Very often there are no test cases available for the legacy application nor is there a complete set of requirements documents. Without a comprehensive set of test cases the migration team cannot validate the new code until it goes into production.

The UniqueSoft Test Architect tool can generate test cases from requirements, or directly from the legacy code.

UniqueSoft addresses two aspects of this testing: understanding what functionality must be tested, and creating appropriate input values for the testing to provide coverage for that functionality. D*Code can generate a test suite that covers behaviors of the legacy system. Such a test suite can be derived from the legacy code itself.

Test execution can also be automated either by using the preferred test execution framework of the client or by using the UniqueSoft Test Executor tool.

Test Creation Deliverables Include:

  • Test suite covering all behaviors
  • Tests formatted for a specific test engine

Test Input Deliverables Include:

  • Data to drive test suites

Test Execution Deliverables Include:

  • Automated execution of test cases