UniqueSoft offers Systems Integrators numerous advantages to win and implement software modernization projects.


Why do clients choose this objective?

Missing or incomplete documentation - Often legacy systems have been created over a period of decades. The original programmers have either left the company or retired. Documentation is incomplete, outdated, or non-existent. Starting a legacy modernization project without understanding what the program does significantly increases the risk of the project.

What capabilities are available with D*CODE?

Visualization - D*Code has powerful code visualization capabilities that enable sophisticated static analysis of the existing code. This information can be presented in a variety of tabular and graphical formats.

Discovery - This Discovery capability allows the use of domain knowledge to organize the code, separate business logic from purely technical code, and isolate features.

Flexible output - This information can be used to create new documentation about what the code actually does in the client’s preferred format.

Why is D*CODE better than alternatives?

Focus on legacy migration tasks - There are many types of tools that offer static analysis of code. D*Code focuses on the analysis that is relevant to legacy code migration.

Graphical presentations - The graphical presentation of this analysis is much easier to understand and use to communicate conclusions.

Feature extraction - No other tool offers the ability to extract features the way that D*Code does. This is the most significant differentiator.

How do System Integrators benefit?

Faster implementation, Lower cost and lower risk - Primarily, the benefits are faster cycle time and lower cost. Planning for legacy modernization without good data is very risky. This deep analysis capability enables the project team to reduce project risk by making fact-based decisions.