UniqueSoft offers Systems Integrators numerous advantages to win and implement software modernization projects.


Why do clients choose this objective?

Document business rules - One objective is related to the Documentation objective described earlier. In the absence of up-to-date requirements documents, one can extract the rules implemented in the code.

Business process modernization – Many companies are re-examining their business processes from the top down to streamline inefficient processes that evolved over time. Business rule extraction can complement this process by providing a rules-based description of what the legacy code does.

Migration to a business rules engine – One method for improving the maintenance of complex applications is to convert to a rules-based application architecture. The maintenance of these applications can often be simplified to allow non-programmers to edit business rules online and eliminate long programming delays associated with making changes to the code.

What capabilities are available with D*CODE

Flexibility - D*Code offers a flexible and configurable rules extraction framework that can deliver business rules at various levels of abstraction. If the objective is documentation, the rules may be presented at a high level of abstraction in English. If the objective is to migrate to a business rules engine, the rules will need to be captured in enough detail to assure equivalent technical functionality.

Customizable output - D*Code can deliver spreadsheets with rules in tabular form, convert the rules to be input to a rules engine, or create an executable version of the rules in a programming language.

Why is D*CODE better than alternatives?

Not just "if" statements - Other tools that claim to extract business rules primarily identify conditional statements in the code and leave it to the systems integrator to interpret, filter, and categorize these conditional statements into business rules by hand. This is a very tedious and error prone process.

Better overall methodology - D*Code automates the separation of business logic from technical code, refactors the code to bring all the logic for a business rule together, and then organizes the business rules into a flow that represents the required sequence of rule execution in the new system.

Correct results - D*Code's methodology ensures that no rules are missed.

How do System Integrators benefit?

Get the project done right - The most important consideration is to get the results right. D*Code's automation helps assure that the rules extraction is both complete and correct.

Lower cost - The elimination of extensive manual post-processing lowers the project execution cost and speeds the overall project.

Win more business - UniqueSoft has won every client benchmark competition for business rules extraction.