A UniqueSoft key differentiator is the ability to extract features,
architecture and dependencies from the code.
With better Discovery metrics and diagrams architects can triage applications and select the right modernization strategy.
Better Discovery also enables more accurate forecasts of migration
budgets and time schedules, reducing project risk.
Better documentation reduces the cost of ongoing maintenance for applications you choose to keep

D*Code™ - Legacy Code Discovery, Mining & Mapping

Discovery is the process of extracting information from the current system. Too often, legacy applications are often poorly documented, with few test suites and a dwindling supply of qualified programmers. Conventional modernization efforts are plagued with blown timetables and cost overruns.

UniqueSoft enables system architects to understand the code before starting the migration project. UniqueSoft applies modern methods drawn from the world of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to understand the intent of the developers based on how the code was written. This insight not only provides better documentation, but also is the basis for better refactoring, better rules extraction and better translations later in the process.

In addition, the graphics produced by the tools provide a visual representation of the code in a way that is more easily understood by engineers. These graphics not only illustrate how the code is organized but also reveals relationships between elements of code and system resources. View the Discovery video to see examples of our intuitive graphical presentations.

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