You are a company with a history of providing the very best for your customers, of being at the forefront of your industry. With that history comes a quagmire of legacy software code that inhibits your innovation for the future.

UniqueSoft's Code Modernization Services analyze, diagnose, and build customized code for your unique code challenges. With a team of coding experts who are the Special Forces of the software world, UniqueSoft brings cutting-edge automated modeling tools to tackle the impossible, the undoable, the unimagined. Bring us your impossible code situation, and we'll provide you with defect-free, easily-maintainable, scalable software code with metrics-driven validation and 100% test coverage.

Whether you are improving an application on a mainframe, converting to a new language, bridging to new technology, changing platforms, or retiring and decommissioning software, UniqueSoft is your code specialist through your company's modernization projects.

Modernization Tools

Company History:
U.S. company founded in 2008, with a core team which had been together for 25 years at Motorola's Software Engineering Center of Excellence.

Stable Business Presence:
Privately owned and capitalized by the Galvin's, the family that founded and ran Motorola for decades.

UniqueSoft Differentiators:

» Solutions - Based Modernization: No cookie-cutter vision here. We approach your project with an eye to create the
best solution for any modernization need.
» Our expertise and automated methods result in 85% lower cost than hand coding on average.
» Code generation from, and to, any platform or language.
» Business rule extraction capable of fully modernizing the extracted rules to align them with business processes.
» Highly adaptable, scalable, and visual tool suite.

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Automated Modernization Solutions

UniqueSoft specializes in modernizing legacy software using highly automated tools and techniques to achieve superior results for our customers. Our automated methods and tools for key conversion and translation needs removes many of the risks and waste associated with manual code re-writes.

Automated Solutions: Model Extraction

Automated Logic Extraction: One of the critical factors for a modernization project's success is to capture the behavior of the original system. Our automated methods translate your legacy code into a model that captures the behavior of the original system.

Code Annotation: UniqueSoft's automated mapping capability allows mapping between the features and platform specific functions identified in the domain analysis and the legacy code.

Feature and Architecture Extraction: Extraction of code fragments corresponding to features and architectural elements identified in the domain analysis becomes much easier when based on a fully-captured original system.

Support for different technologies includes (but is not limited to):

Parsing of source code in C, C++, VB, Java, COBOL, SQL, SQL Stored Procedures, KORN Shell Scripts

Parsing of rule languages such as Oracle CDL, SAP VCML, FICO Blaze Advisor

Parsing and processing of DB tables

Languages supported by our technology include (but are not limited to):

COBOL, Java, C++, C, Basic SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Sybase SQL/isql, SQLPlus, PL/I, JCL, Assembler, Visual Basic, UML, Kshell, and ASN.1, with the ability to add any new language since our underlying analysis tools are language independent.

Code Inventory and Analysis

You can't improve what is unknown. When initiating a modernization project, it is critical to be fact-based about your starting point. UniqueSoft provides tools and methods that uncover and make clear exactly what code your legacy code actually does. Using sophisticated big data analytics and clustering analysis to mine your code base, we not only identify and focus on the features that are important to your project, but also how they are distributed in the code. Metrics are shown as visual maps and graphics, as well as in tabular and code views. Those metrics are used to plan your transformation strategy.

What UniqueSoft can discover:

Identification of architectural elements by understanding the relationship between components and modules in the system.

Distribution of features over the code - modularity, diffusion and cohesion metrics.

Interdependencies between program and resources.

Identification of entry points into the system provides more robust use cases and visual representation of flow.

Ability to drill down into code segments to focus on selected concepts (implementation of features of the system)

When we complete the model, architecture and feature extractions, you will know your code's:

Structure and Flow

Relationships of identifiers

Relationships of features

Relationships of platform elements

Migration Assistance

UniqueSoft can help you:
⇒ Migrate

From one platform to another

Within mainframes or platforms

From mainframes to open systems

From one language to another

⇒ Consolidate

⇒ Upgrade Before Migration

Correct test cases or requirments documents before migration - create solid baseline before migration.

Find and correct structural deficiencies in code (e.g. poor modularity or high cyclomatic complexity) prior to migration.

Add new business functionality to the application code before it is migrated to your target system(s).

⇒ Prove Your Migration Concept

UniqueSoft Provides:

Conversions of legacy platforms to a cloud platform, a new Operating System, a new Data Abstraction Layer, etc.

Translation of legacy COBOL, PL/1, or Proprietary languages to any language, including Java, C#, and C++

Dead and obsolete code removal

Feature extraction

Business rule extraction

Test case generation to confirm the migration is correct

Gap analysis for manual conversions

Application Modernization

Whether you've decided to simply re-host your applications or dismantle and re-create them, UniqueSoft application discovery methods allows you to unlock the business value buried in your existing, aged applications. Together, we embark on our three-step Modernization Methodology:

Our Discover Process reveals a detailed, indepth, and dynamic picture of what code you have. This process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Providing you an accurate analysis of your existing code, which can help you make informed transformation strategy, budget,
    and schedule decisions
  • Extraction of existing business rules that can speed conversion If you are porting the application to a COTS product

Our Transformation Process aids in the development of a detailed, metrics-based transformation strategy and code improvement:

  • If you choose to manually rewrite the application the extracted logic can form the basis of your requirements documents
  • Provide you with "AS IS" metrics to guide a fact based transformation strategy
  • Adding new features is easier and less expensive to do on a rationalized modular system

Our Instantiation process speeds the implementation and testing of the retargeted application:

  • Generate new code targeted to your "TO BE" system
  • Run test cases to verify successful transformation
  • UniqueSoft can help you automate almost every step in the process - while giving your architects full control of the results

UniqueSoft automated methods and tools facilitate the re-factoring, re-hosting, and re-architecting necessary for optimal application modernization with our sophisticate discovery, transformation and Instantiation capabilities.

Customizable Tools

Uniquesoft's has a suite of customizable tools that can:

Be tailored to fit your specific, and evolving, system and application characteristics

Provide a single dashboard for managing the analysis and transformation process

Visualize legacy software from multiple perspectives (critical features, metrics, dependencies, data flow, etc.)

Auto-generate code that can be used in new technology platform

Provide quantitative metrics to drive business case

Find and remove clone and dead code to reduce your maintenance costs

Reconcile out-of-date documentation with functionality of legacy code

Extract business rules from legacy code

Produce comprehensive test suites to validate transformed system