Automating the legacy code modernization process using D*Code tools enables Systems Integrators to be more cost competitive in bidding on legacy code modernization projects. UniqueSoft's customized automation allows projects to be done right the first time. Here's what UniqueSoft offers:

D*Code Tool Customization – Our D*Code tool suite can be tailored to meet client engagement needs exactly.
Tool Operation – Want to take advantage of D*Code but don't have the time to learn it? We can provide the resources to operate the tool in tandem with you throughout your project.
Pre-Sales Support – Your sales efforts can be enhanced with the addition of our Proof of Concept, Bid Preparation, and Demo support, helping your prospects see for themselves the benefits your solution brings to their business.

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What Systems Integrator Brings
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Project Management
  • Business and Technical Requirements Capture
  • High Level Business Process Definition
  • Application Expertise
  • System/Solution Architecture
  • User Experience Design
  • Testing and Implementation
What UniqueSoft Brings
  • Task Automation in Excess of 90%
  • Software Reengineering Expertise
  • Features Extraction
  • Capture of Business Rules
  • Documentation of What Code Does and
    Does Not Do
  • Code and Design Improvements
  • Platform and Database Migration
  • Language Conversion
  • Generate / Execute Test Cases
  • Maintainable Code