Software Defined Networking

With the evolution of the latest 4G LTE systems to IP-based communication and a focus on communicating large volumes of data, UniqueSoft has added extensive networking expertise as part of its capabilities. With the current emphasis moving to Software Defined Networking, UniqueSoft is working with top players in the industry to help adapt existing products to the new networking paradigm. Some sample projects in this area include:

     ⇒ Network Gateway Simulator (test environment for a network element; protocol data encoding, decoding and error checking)
     ⇒ Network Loopback Integrity Tester (31,000 LOC)
     ⇒ Software Bridge/Router element (37,000 LOC)
     ⇒ Service Advertisement Framework for a network server to enable network clients to discover and select services (87,000 LOC)
     ⇒ Disruption Tolerant Network Routing – software stack embedded in a router
     ⇒ The option of software development within a secure development environment