You are a company with a history of providing the very best for your customers, of being at the forefront of your industry. With that history comes a quagmire of legacy software code that inhibits your innovation for the future.

UniqueSoft's Code Modernization Services analyze, diagnose, and build customized code for your unique code challenges. With a team of coding experts who are the Special Forces of the software world, UniqueSoft brings cutting-edge automated modeling tools to tackle the impossible, the undoable, the unimagined. Bring us your impossible code situation, and we'll provide you with defect-free, easily-maintainable, scalable software code with metrics-driven validation and 100% test coverage.

Whether you are improving an application on a mainframe, converting to a new language, bridging to new technology, changing platforms, or retiring and decommissioning software, UniqueSoft is your code specialist through your company's modernization projects.

UniqueSoft's D*Code™ Software Modernization Tool Suite

D*Code™ provides several features useful for modernization:
Highly automated process.
Robust language translator.
Business rule extraction with the ability to fully modernize extracted rules and align them with business processes.
Metrics to inform modernization decisions.
Highly customizable code generator that can fit specific target systems.

D*Code™ allows you to see your legacy software from multiple aspects: features, metrics, dependencies, data flows, and more.

Clustering Analysis:
Group unstructured set of related applications

Clustering Analysis:
Convenient natural grouping of programs

Mapping Analysis:
Conveniently map programs to databases
and drill down into relationships

Feature Mapping:
Conveniently show selected group features