Telecommunications Software Development

UniqueSoft was founded by staff from Motorola and our experience with wireless telecommunications is one of our core strengths. The UniqueSoft tools were developed originally in this domain and tens of millions of line of code from the tools have been successfully deployed commercially. Our experience ranges from some of the earliest 2G systems to the current 4G LTE systems. Some sample projects from this space include:

     ⇒ Mobility Manager Element is for 4G LTE Systems (4.5 million LOC)
     ⇒ LTE Quality of Service Manager to handle policy definition, deployment, and monitoring (200,000 LOC)
     ⇒ 3G Base Station (Node B) for UMTS (560,000 LOC)
     ⇒ WiMax Marshaling – protocol data encoding/decoding & error checking (800,000 LOC)

How UniqueSoft Assists Telecom

Telecom providers face a unique set of industry challenges: intensifying competition; increasing data loads; maturing market; decreasing margins; and struggling to maintain existing legacy systems. These challenges make one thing clear: software is becoming the last remaining source of real competitive differentiation and the means to generate continuing real profits in telecom.

UniqueSoft assists telecom providers to overcome industry challenges by facilitating their innovation advantage through both rapid software development and the reuse of modernized legacy systems. Download the case study at right showing how UniqueSoft has successfully served Commercial sector clients.