Tool training

UniqueSoft offers courses designed to benefit software developers and testers. Whether you are already using or intend to use the D*CODE tool suite, our training will familiarize you with the techniques and methodologies you will need to use the tool in your legacy modernization projects.

Project Specific Training

UniqueSoft provides training for the project team assigned to use the D*Code tools for every engagement. This training is included in the price of the tool license.

Architect Training

These workshops target your technical sales staff, architects and legacy modernization specialists. It is delivered in 2-3 hours sessions over 3-5 days via WebEx. The duration of the training is determined by the number of topics to be covered.

The objective of this training is mainly to enable technical sales staff and architects to fully understand the capabilities of the D*Code tools and know how and when to apply the tool to automate a client's modernization process.

Additional Training

In person training is available on a per diem basis plus travel expenses. Generally, the sessions run for 8 hours per day over 3 to 5 days depending on the number of topics to be covered. Since these sessions are intense hands on workshops, the number of attendees is limited to 20 per session.