UniqueSoft offers Systems Integrators numerous advantages to win and implement software modernization projects.


Why do clients choose this objective?

Some projects require that the code be extensively changed before, after, or instead of translation. Common examples of these types of transformations include:

  • Migration to the cloud
  • Migration to a microservices environment
  • Conversion to a more modern UI framework
  • Conversion to a more modern database access structure
  • Removal of anti-patterns
  • Conformance to organizational coding standards
  • Performance improvements

What capabilities are available with D*CODE?

Rules-based transformations - D*Code's powerful, rules-based transformation system allows rapid customization and consistent application of transformations across large code bases.

Why is D*CODE better than alternatives?

Faster and more accurate than manual conversion - Attempts to manually convert code are extremely expensive and prone to errors. D*Code is an order of magnitude more efficient with dramatically fewer errors.

Better than other tools - There are other tools that can change transform code. The power of the D*Code tool is the integration of multiple legacy modernization capabilities in one easy to use tool. Once the code is input into the tool, one can perform one function after another very quickly. Visualize, organize, extract, translate and transform as needed based on the client needs.

How do System Integrators benefit?

Greater competitiveness - A systems integrator that can cost-effectively migrate these systems without losing functionality or correctness will win more business.