UniqueSoft offers Systems Integrators numerous advantages to win and implement software modernization projects.


Why do clients choose this objective?

No legacy test cases exist - Ideally, the client already has a regression test suite on the legacy system that can be used to validate the new system. In practice, this is seldom the case. Just like legacy documentation, legacy test suites are not updated as changes are made to the systems and, over a period of years, no longer reflect the functionality of the system.

Manual test case generation is expensive - Manual efforts to create new test cases often take more effort than the code transformation itself. Manual test case creation also is highly error prone, so every error needs to be analyzed to understand whether it is in the code or the test case itself.

Need for automation - Finally, the test cases should ideally be usable in an automated testing environment to speed the process of test execution.

What capabilities are available with D*CODE?

Creation of test cases from rules - D*Code has the ability to convert extracted rules into test cases. The client can specify whether they want only business rules tested or both business and technical rules.

Framework available - UniqueSoft offers its own automated test-execution framework.

Customized output format - The generated test cases can be formatted to drive either the UniqueSoft test-execution framework or be customized to drive the client’s selected framework.

Why is D*CODE better than alternatives?

Reduced test-creation effort - The effort needed to add test case generation to a project is moderate.

Better quality - Automating the process of extracting business rules and converting them to test cases eliminates many sources of error.

How do System Integrators benefit?

Reduce cost - Automation of this labor-intensive and expensive part of a project reduces execution cost and cycle time. Both test case generation and test execution can benefit from automation.

Lower project risk - Automated test case generation and testing automation reduce project risk and improves the clients satisfaction.